NZGFA Membership

NZGFA Membership:

Becoming a member of the NZGFA is recommended to all individuals and companies involved in the groundspread fertiliser industry.

Belonging to a trade organisation that has your best interests, and those of your industry, at heart means that you can be assured that issues affecting groundspreading businesses will be assessed and managed by the NZGFA national council.

If you wish to raise an industry matter, you can have your say – and be heard – via your regional branch.

Joining the NZGFA also provides you and your team with an opportunity to participate in the camaraderie of the groundspread industry as well as network with others in the profession. You can do this at your own regional NZFGA group meetings as well as on a national level at the NZGFA annual conference.

Apply now:

Complete the NZGFA and return to the Executive Director, Kevin Geddes –

Other advantages of joining the NZGFA:

There are three forms of membership:

  • Discounts for Spreadmark certification and audit fees.
  • Discounts for operator training costs.
  • Enhanced purchasing power – via the n3 business buying network.
  • Access to valuable tools and resources, such as the NZGFA Health & Safety Manual.
  • The NZGFA quarterly magazine, Groundspread, delivered to your door.

Annual Membership Fees:

The cost of annual membership to the NZGFA is set by the national council. In addition to this fee, each regional branch will affix a levy to cover branch operating costs. Please note fees will vary according to the number of company spreading units.

Please contact your nearest regional branch for further information about membership fees.

Types of membership:

There are three types of membership:

Full membership – The NZGFA has over 130 full members. These are companies and individuals who operate their groundspread businesses on a full time basis – and who meet the industry standards.

Associate membership – These are companies and individuals who are associated with the industry but not actively engaged in the business of fertiliser spreading. Associate members include fertiliser manufacturers.

Life membership – This is granted to any person who has been formally recognised by the NZGFA for their significant contribution in the industry.

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