June 2018 – Approved spreading equipment testers for Groundspreaders

People, and the organisations that they are employed by, that are recognised by the Fertiliser Quality Council as being able to carry out fertiliser groundspreading machinery testing and certification for the Spreadmark programme.

Download the Approved spreading equipment testers for Groundspreaders list.

Any person wishing to be considered for appointment as an Approved Spreading Equipment Tester should contact:

The Executive Director
Fertiliser Quality Council
Federated Farmers of New Zealand
Box 715

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May 2018 – FQC produces guidelines for bulk fertiliser storage and handling

The Fertiliser Quality Council (FQC) has produced a set of storage and handling guidelines for manufacturers and distributors who deal with bulk fertiliser. The guidelines, which can also be applied to the storage and handling of fertiliser on-farm, aim to ensure that the physical quality of the product is maintained from when it arrives at the depot (or farm) to the point it is distributed on the land.

Download the full Media Release.

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