October 2017 – Spreadmark Spreader Details and Operator Summary updated

The latest Spreadmark Spreader Details and Operator Summary is now available for download.
as of 4 October 2017

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November 2017 – Scoop News: Website covers new ground for fertiliser spreaders

Press Release – New Zealand Groundspread Fertiliser Association

Website covers new ground for fertiliser spreaders A new website has been launched by the New Zealand Groundspread Fertilisers Association (NZGFA). The site – – promotes best practice fertiliser spreading. It was recently unveiled alongside a new logo at the NZGFA 61st annual conference.

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Sept 2017 – Farmers Weekly: Fertiliser visionaries owed debt.

“The election’s come and gone. It’s on no-one is much the wiser and the sun will still rise in the morning.  The good news is that politicians will revert to type and we wont have to suffer all the bluff and bluster.”

By Alan Emerson
Semi-retired Wairarapa Farmer and businessman.

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