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A number of changes will be made to enhance the site and ensure that it is user friendly.

From now on all information on the website is public – the members only section is being replaced with Members Toolbox where you will find information to help you in your business. As well as back copies of Groundspread magazine you will be able to download the President’s Newsletters.

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Plants Need Feeding!

The Fertiliser Quality Council, (FQC), launched a DVD on Monday 17th entitled Plants Need Feeding.

Its key message is that if we don’t feed plants the country is in dire straits.

FQC chair, Neil Barton, said it was important to remember that seven out of every ten dollars New Zealand earned came from plants.

“Whether it is from grass feeding our dairy, meat and wool industries, trees, grain and seeds, fruit and vegetables or wine it is healthy plants that keep New Zealand growing,” Barton said.

“A healthy plant requires nutrients, phosphorous, nitrogen, calcium, potassium and sulphur as well as moisture and sunlight.”

“We provide those nutrients with fertiliser.”

“If we don’t we are mining our soils and that is grossly irresponsible.”

“Feeding our plants responsibly is a highly specialised job costing the agricultural industry over $2 billion annually.”

“That is investment by the rural sector for the good of the country.”

“With healthy and vibrant plants New Zealand can increase its agricultural exports to $40 billion by the end of 2015.”

“Without healthy plants supported by responsible fertiliser application that figure could by just $13 billion.”

“That would be catastrophic for us all,”Neil Barton said.

The DVD was launched at the Kingsgate Conference Centre in Palmerston North at 6pm on Monday 17th February and will be available soon here on this website.

For further comment please contact: Neil Barton: (03) 6888238, (021) 441125 or Kevin Geddes, Executive Director (03) 3078148, (0272) 033437.

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Fertiliser Industry Environmental initiatives

The Fertiliser Quality Council (FQC) is pleased that the fertiliser industry is investing considerable amounts on research to lower our environmental footprint. It will be great for farmers and the environment.
The FQC congratulates Ballance Agri-Nutrients and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s Primary Growth Partnership for committing $32 million to support the research.

“At a time when margins are suffering, anything that will reduce a farmer’s inputs has to be good,” FQC chair, Neil Barton said. “In addition anything that we can do to preserve the environment is vital. “

Fertiliser is the biggest single expense next to interest repayments on the average farm. Anything that can be done to reduce that is good for agriculture and the country as a whole. “

No-one would argue that we must grow our economy if we are to survive and prosper. To be able to achieve that while minimizing our environmental footprint is a huge step forward. “

To research how farmers will be able to produce more with less is the way of the future and shows the responsible environmental conscience of our ethical fertiliser industry. Both Ballance and Ravensdown are 100% farmer owned co-operatives, between them they sell 95% of New Zealand’s ethical fertilisers and both have invested an incredible amount of time and money working to reduce the environmental footprint New Zealand has. “

They are to be congratulated for their commitment,” Neil Barton said.

Further comment:
Neil Barton (FQC Chair) – 03 688 8238 / 021 441 125
Kevin Geddes (FQC Executive Director) – 03 307 8148 / 0272 03 3437

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