Fertilser Quality Council

Set up by farmers for farmers, the FQC was formed in 1992 initially to provide an assurance programme for the use of quality fertiliser products. Later, its role was extended to include accurate, ‘on-target’ fertiliser distribution.

How the FQC works and who’s involved

The FQC is made up of four parts: the Society, the Executive Committee, the Forum and the operations/administration team. The Society is responsible for making all the decisions, while utilising the expertise of the Executive Committee, after hearing from the accredited users of Fertmark and Spreadmark and using the operations/administration team to implement.

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Conduct of Field Experiments by PB Lynch

Conduct of Field Experiments by PB Lynch is essential reading for scientists, varsity students and fertiliser companies. Published in the 1960s and recently updated online, it shares the basic principles of scientific technique. Short and easy to read, this book is timeless.

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