Fertiliser Quality Council (FQC)

Set up by farmers for farmers, the FQC is responsible for the  Fertmark and Spreadmark initiatives.

Using the “Marks”

The Fertmark tick guarantees the quality of the fertiliser. The Spreadmark motif gives assurance that the spreading company is certified to distribute the fertiliser accurately and evenly.

NZ Groundspread Fertiliser Association

Formed in 1956, the NZGFA promotes the interests of both individuals and companies involved in the distribution of bulk lime and other fertilisers.

“Farmers who use both a Fertmarked fertiliser and a Spreadmark accredited company can be assured of the best agricultural, environmental and economic returns”

Fertiliser bearing the Fertmark tick means that the product has been independently audited to ensure that what’s on the label is what’s in the bag..


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The Spreadmark scheme is a quality assurance programme that guarantees accurate fertiliser distribution by trained operators, using certified spreading machinery and a management system that puts economic and environmental farmer/grower outcomes first.

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The NZ Groundspreader Fertiliser Association (NZGFA) protects the interests of the spreading industry, representing it to central and local government, industry organisations as well as to private businesses.

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