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    What is Spreadmark

    Spreadmark is a nutrient spreading quality assurance and risk management programme. It certifies spreading equipment and audits the operators assurance and compliance processes.

    The purpose is to be able to provide assurance of accurate and even placement of fertilisers/nutrients, optimising nutrient use for the benefit of agriculture and the environment.

    The precision placement of fertiliser/nutrients requires a number of factors;

    • Trained operators
    • Consideration of environmental conditions ie.  wind & terrain
    • Careful integration of operator skills and technology
    • Regularly calibrated, maintained and audited equipment
    • Fertmark accredited fertilisers

    It is the integration of these factors that is at the heart of the Spreadmark scheme. Registration is voluntary but it is promoted to all operators to encourage them to become involved.

    Why Spreadmark

    The expectations on farmers to manage nutrient use precisely are increasing and Spreadmark helps ensure that responsibility is met by providing assurance to farmer/growers, regional councils and processors that fertilisers/nutrients have been accurately spread by a highly trained operator.  

    The Spreadmark tick means that:

    • The spreader operators have been trained to spread accurately
    • The equipment is independently assessed and systems have been audited
    • Fertilisers/nutrients are being applied at an even rate and distribution pattern
    • A Spreadmark operator will place fertilisers/nutrients where the user wants it.

    The Spreadmark scheme operates closely with its sister scheme, Fertmark, to ensure that high quality fertiliser is manufactured, mixed and spread in order to deliver the best outcomes for agriculture, the environment and the economy.

    What's involved

    In order to be granted Spreadmark certification a company must demonstrate it has the following:

    • A sound business management system
    • Spreading machinery with testing performance data as prescribed by Spreadmark
    • Drivers trained to an acceptable standard
    • A documented management system showing how the Codes of practice  will be met

    Systems will be subject to an independent audit to ensure that both farmers/growers and regional councils can have confidence in the programme.

    How to apply

    Code of Practice

    The Spreadmark Code of Practice is structured in three parts: 

    • The Spreadmark Operational Rules 
    • Groundspread Fertiliser Application Practices 
    • Aerial Fertiliser Application Practices 

    Spreaders are trained and audited by QCONZ.

    Certified companies

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