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    What is Fertmark

    The Fertmark (tick) verifies that the product being used has been independently audited to ensure what’s on the label is actually in the bag. That means that all fertilisers/nutrients made and sold under the Fertmark programme have been independently audited by QCONZ to make sure the labelling of ingredients is accurate and as described by the manufacturer.

    Fertmark requires fertilisers/nutrients to be supplied in a way that minimises risks to food safety and animal welfare, in-line with requirements of the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Act (ACVM).

    Get what you pay for...

    A Fertmark accredited product is your guarantee of quality.

    Look for the Fertmark tick.

    Why Fertmark

    For the vast majority of farmers, fertiliser/nutrients are the most expensive and highly regulated input. The value of Fertmark for farmer/growers is that they know they are getting what they paid for in all aspects (quality, content, value and safety). For regional councils and processors the value  is in knowing that fertiliser/nutrients are being used responsibly.

    How to apply

    To gain Fertmark certification, the following are required:

    • Analytical data as requested by the auditor
    • Abide by the Fertmark Code of Conduct;
    • Audits as requested; 
    • Samples as requested;
    • Pay fees due to Fertmark and, if applicable, to the auditor.

    Code of Practice

    Fertmark Code of Practice covers all fertilisers/nutrients made and sold under the Fertmark programme. The code covers:

    • Rules for the Use of the Fertmark Trademark 
    • Policies and Protocols 
    • Code and conduct
    • Product classifications
    • Protocol for Mixing Plants 
    • Auditor protocol
    • Industry agreed agronomic trial protocol

    Products are audited by QCONZ on behalf of the Fertiliser Quality Council (FQC).

    Certified products

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