How the FQC works and who’s involved

The FQC is made up of four parts: the Society, the Executive Committee, the Forum and the operations/administration team.


The Society includes:

  • Four representatives of Federated Farmers of New Zealand.
  • One representative of Horticulture New Zealand.
  • One representative of NZ Institute of Primary Industry Management.
  • One representative of NZ Groundspread Fertiliser’s Association.
  • One representative of Aviation Industry Association of NZ/NZ Agricultural Aviation Association.
  • One representative of Fertiliser Association of New Zealand.
  • The chairman of the Fertiliser Quality Council.

Each organisation has a representative with voting rights, except for Federated Farmers who, as the founding member, has four representatives each with voting rights. The chairman holds the casting vote.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of the members of the Society plus any “representatives of users of fertilisers, and/or persons representing industry associations, or persons schooled in the technology of fertiliser and/or fertiliser placement. The AGM of the Society shall have an unfettered discretion to co-opt other persons with the requisite technical knowledge to the Executive Committee as it believes fit.

Co-opted Executive Committee members include:

  • AgResearch (x1)
  • Massey University (x3)
  • Waikato Regional Council (x1)

Co-opted Executive Committee members do not have voting rights.

The Forum

The Forum is the Society and all accredited users of Fertmark and Spreadmark.

The accredited users of Fertmark and Spreadmark do not have voting rights but do have full speaking rights.

Operations/administration team

The Society, the Executive Committee and the Forum are supported by:

  • Executive Director
  • Finance Officer
  • Communications Manager
  • Fertmark and Spreadmark Auditor

The operations/administration team does not have voting rights.

The Society is responsible for making all the decisions, while utilising the expertise of the Executive Committee, after hearing from the accredited users of Fertmark and Spreadmark and using the operations/administration team to implement.