New Director a strong advocate for farmers

New Director, Tyler Langford, a strong advocate for farmers

The Fertiliser Quality Council believes its new Director, Tyler Langford, will be a strong advocate for farmers. 

“FQC is in good hands with Tyler’s experience in making legislation workable for farmers,” Anders Crofoot says.  “She has a strong background in farming and refining legislation and has hit the ground running.”

Farmers are front of mind for the FQC as the key stakeholder to their programmes.

“Tyler is able to negotiate the finer detail of legislation up the pipeline, which is just the strength FQC needs.”

Having spent the past five years honing her skills within the Federated Farmers Dairy Council.

“For every piece of compliance farmers are made to fill out, that is another committee meeting or school event they can’t support.  I am really looking forward to maximising the opportunities within FQC’s Fertmark and Spreadmark quality assurance programmes.”

Advocating for farmers to ensure that rural communities not only survive but thrive is very personal to Tyler.

“I have the blessing of dairy farming in the Golden Bay community with my husband Wayne and three teenage boys. I am hugely passionate about the strength and resilience of our rural community. I actively spend time in conservation groups, catchment groups, rugby clubs and serving as the chair of our local recreation park board.” 

All of this has led her to the role as the FQC Executive Director. 

“I took this opportunity in October and what a ride it has been so far.  I am only now just starting to sink my teeth into some of the work that FQC are doing and the opportunities on the horizon that I am looking forward to seizing.”  

A massive piece of work she says is the Spreadmark Code update.  

“I am really excited by what the team has created in the revision of the Spreadmark Code and can’t wait to share it with the rural community soon.”


The Fertiliser Quality Council is responsible for both the Fertmark and Spreadmark initiatives.

The Fertmark (tick) verifies that the product being used has been independently audited to ensure what’s on the label is actually in the bag. 

Spreadmark is a nutrient spreading quality assurance and risk management programme. It certifies spreading equipment and audits the operators assurance and compliance processes.

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