The Fertmark Tick means that fertiliser has been independently audited to ensure what’s on the label is actually in the bag and the Fertmark Code of Practice relates to all fertilisers made and sold under the Fertmark programme.

Fertmark now includes the requirements of the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Act which requires fertilisers to be supplied in such a way as to minimise risks to food safety and animal welfare.

The Fertmark programme was established in 1996 to give New Zealand farmers the confidence in the quality of their fertilisers and associated advertising.

Farmers can be confident that fertilisers supplied from Fertmark registered companies are reliable and, if used properly, do not pose hazards to food safety or animal welfare.

  • Fertmark is an independently assessed fertiliser quality assurance programme.
  • Fertmark Fertilisers have ongoing, independent and vigorous auditing.
  • If the fertiliser has the Fertmark tick farmers know exactly what they are applying to their pastures.

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