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June 2019 – Farmers Weekly: Dodgy fert size to get shake up

Anders Crofoot hope standards will deal to dodgy fertiliser.  “Lumpy, uneven and irregular fertiliser, long the bane of farmers and spreaders, will face tighter scrutiny once the Fertiliser Quality Council establishes standards for the product’s physical qualities.”

“While standards have been set for the mineral and nutrient content of fertiliser, council chairman Anders Crofoot admits it has taken longer than expected to set them for particle shape and size.”

Farmers Weekly
AGRIBUSINESS – 7 June 2019
By Richard Rennie

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February 2019 – Groundspread: Spreadmark elevated to ‘premium status by JAS-ANZ.

Anders Crofoot, Chairman of the Fertiliser Quality Council (FQC), says the recent recognition of Spreadmark by JASANZ elevates it to ‘premium’ status.

The FQC started the new year with the great news that the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ), now recognises the Spreadmark programme. To achieve this recognition, Spreadmark underwent a robust three year review against the toughest of international certification standards. Aspects that were reviewed included the technical soundness of the programme as well as governance, auditing and certification methods and reporting.

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