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June 2016 – Take advantage of steady nutrient costs

The Fertiliser Quality Council (FQC) says current stability around fertiliser prices will give farm budgets an early boost for 2016 – but only if farmers are quick to seize the opportunity.

The two main fertiliser manufacturers, Ballance and Ravensdown, have kept costs for major nutrients under control since September 2015 – despite economic volatility caused by last year’s slide in the value of the New Zealand dollar.

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New Executive Director for Fertiliser Quality Council

The Fertiliser Quality Council, (FQC), has a new Executive Director. She is Ann Thompson, currently a policy advisor for the Federated Farmers in Wellington.

FQC Chair, Anders Crofoot, said the Council was extremely fortunate to be able to attract a person with the talent and track record of Ann Thompson to the Executive Director role.

“Ann started life as a scientist who recently gained a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Policy from Victoria University,” Anders Crofoot says.

“This gives her the ability to understand the complex nature that is the fertiliser industry in New Zealand and relate that to our decision makers.

“She is also has a deep seated passion for farming and a track record of consultation with farmers.

“Both of these skills will be vital to her new role.

“We are very fortunate having a new Executive Director who has the understanding and the skills to manage the FQC going forward.

“I am sure we will also see an increased profile for the FQC”, Anders Crofoot said.Further comment Anders Crofoot, Ann Thompson


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